Simple Travel Tips To Japan

Simple Travel Tips To Japan

Preparing for any trip like in Japan can be overwhelming, especially if you are traveling overseas for a long period of time.

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[Music] Hi guys and welcome back so let’s talk About the 10 must-know simple travel Tips to japan let’s go Preparing for any trip can be Overwhelming especially if you are Traveling overseas for a long period of Time Here are 10 simple steps to prepare for Your trip to japan Number one Book your flight online or with a travel Agent booking your flight online can Easily be done with google flights Sky scanner kayak and more Number two Book your accommodations There are plenty of other options such As airbnb Capsule hotels and ryokans Make sure to book two to three months Ahead to get the best deal If you want to stay in a ryokan book a Little earlier Other hotels are Park hotel tokyo conrad tokyo Grand hyatt tokyo and park hyatt tokyo Try using to book hotels Since it’s user friendly and most of the Hotels have free cancellation Usually up to 48 to 72 hours Three Take a pocket wi-fi device with you Pepe or skyroam is a top essential item

For all travelers it’s a wireless modem That connects up to five wi-fi enabled Devices They are so convenient and a Necessity for us in japan as free wi-fi Is limited You can also rent a pocket wi-fi in Japan They are getting better about providing More free wi-fi locations But there are still times we need wi-fi To navigate as we get lost often Japan is the most confusing place to Find specific locations so having google Maps with you at all times is a huge Time saver Number four reserve a japan rail pass If you are going to travel all over Japan getting the japan rail pass is a No-brainer you can freely ride all the Jr trains and even the bullet trains With a few exceptions And you’ll always save tons of money on Transportation If you’re not going to use the bullet Trains and just staying within the tokyo Area Japan rail pass will not be unnecessary You can purchase the suica card instead Once you arrive in japan It’s a prepaid smart card that gives you Access to ride the metro trains buses And monorail Number five

Read blogs for tips and inspiration You can also check out japan guide a Geek in japan Two wondering souls and lost tildon For more tips and inspiration Number six Plan out your trips with hyperdia and Google maps Hyperdia is a great website we use to Plan out iteneraries it gives you Detailed information on what trains to Take at what time to get to your Destination Google maps is great as well and best to Use for navigation while you’re in japan Number seven take cash with you Japan isn’t as credit card friendly as Other countries you can use your credit Card at department stores and Restaurants but most little shops can Only take cash Make sure you take some cash with you so You can enjoy good food at the mom and Pop restaurants You can exchange your money at narita Airport or some of the 7-eleven Convenience store Atms accept debit cards for cash Withdrawal Number eight Pack an extra bag We don’t bring much with us when Traveling to japan but when we leave we Have so many things to take home

Japan has the coolest things and you Want to take home everything We especially load on japanese goods at The daiso store since everything is Priced at 100 yen or more or less one Dollar usd Make sure you pack an extra bag so you Can take home those japanese goodies With you Get a packable travel bag as it doesn’t Take up too much room in your suitcase But can fit a lot of your way back home Number nine Learn basic japanese Most japanese know a little english but It’s good to know the basics and here Are some simple phrases to start with Sumimasen is excuse me Again sumimasen excuse me Arigato Thanks Arigato thanks Hi Yes Hi Yes Kunichiwa hello Konichiwa hello Onegaishimasu Please please Number 10 prepare for a long flight If you are traveling from america it’s Going to be a long flight so you’ll want To be prepared

Make sure to pack smart and practical Things like some healthy snacks If you’re not a fan of airplane food We like to bring cup noodles with us and Just ask for hot water from the flight Attendant It’ll also be good to bring a neck Pillow a jacket or cardigan an eye mask For comfort and remember to bring that Face mask as well That’s it 10 simple steps Enjoy your trip and let us know if there Are any tips we missed that could be Helpful to others Happy travels stay safe and see you on To the next one Sayonara You

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