ORIGINAL SURVIVORCORD Review | Titan Survival Product Review Cordage Category

ORIGINAL SURVIVORCORD Review | Titan Survival Product Review Cordage Category

SurvivorCord is our original patented MIL-STYLE 550 paracord, designed for the battlefield, that began life as MIL-SPEC 550 paracord…but then we add three extra potentially life-saving threads to the paracord core, and then reinforce the sheath to be able to handle those increased threads. SurvivorCord is the ultimate survival paracord, a crowd-favorite, and is used all around the world.

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Hi guys and welcome back to another Video On our channel so Today we will be talking or reviewing About um the cordage category for Another titan survival product So here we have The original survivor cord so this is Their original patented Mill uh mill style 550 paracord designed For the battlefield that began life as a Mil-spec 550 paracord but then they Added three extra potentially Life-saving threads to the paracord core And And then reinforced The sheath to be able to handle those Increased threads Survivor cord is the ultimate survival Paracord A crowd favorite and is used all around The world so a survivor cord is 550 Paracord Plus monofilament fishing line plus Multi-purpose utility wire Plus a waterproof fire tinder so a Tensile strength is 620 pounds Diameter is 4.5 millimeters so let’s see The options here So we have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 and 22 different Um styles and colors for their survival Cord they have the dragon scale

Black camo Reflective orange Olive drab Snake skin Coyote brown Bronze Black steel reflective black safety Orange Reflective yellow Nightshade Desert tan Zombie green Old glory Royal blue Red Dark earth Digi blue Urban camo and accu gray alright so that Is the different types of colors And styles for survivor cord so let us Click on this one All right so for the price it’s 34.98 So this is what it looks like There you go And let’s click on this one So again Mil-spec 550 paracord this one 3 30 awg snare wire 25 pounds fishing line And waterproof tinder There you go So for this one You can see the features here

So you will see the manufacturer’s id Strand is it 100 nylon sleeve is it 100 Nylon core pre-shrunk sleeve is it Pre-shanked core Mildew or uv resistant is it light or Hit resistant Color fast or resists fading single non Splice cord tensile strength is 600 Pounds is it integrated strand wax jute Is it integrated strand fishing line is It integrated strat snare wire is it Is it internal strand strands is it the Number of strands the number of horse Strands per braid so again it says your Commercial paracord does not need to Comply to a specification so quality and Construction differs from brand to brand So you will see here is it For the titan cord For the titan warrior cord for the Mil-spec 550 power cord and the Commercial 500 550 power cord so you Easily can differentiate Or Compare it to other paracords There you go And here It says here It’s easy fire starting so number one Proprietary wax juice twine is Waterproof and can be used to start Fires Fast and number two simply extract jute

From the survival cord and then fray it Into bird’s nest just like so Okay And then number three finally shower the Wax driver steel or Ferro Rod All right so for emergency food source It says here it’s 25 pound for the Fishing Line 25 pounds transparent mono Monofilament a monofilament fishing line Is perfect for securing protein from Oceans lakes or streams And 30 awg wire can be used as a small Game snare or doubled up for larger Animals and For the fishing line and snare wire can Be used for another purposes like Binding tools cooking meat over a fire Or setting traps So Just like so Like that So that is the survivor Cord And scroll down if you want to learn More On how to use it you can just go ahead And click on this video for more Instructions And so let’s go here So the dragon skill survivor cord Paracord is a culmination of 18 months

Of back and forth collaboration between Special forces operators in afghanistan And titan survival so the result is Their patented mill style 550 parachute Cord with three potentially life-saving Survival strands added to the inner core During manufacturing which is the Multi-purpose utility wire fission line And waterproof fire tinder So again exclusive patented paracord Originally designed at the request of Special forces in afghanistan um the Survivor cord is a 620 pound tensile Strength power cord that integrates Three set three life-saving survival Strands into titan’s trust millstar 550 Paracord and available only from titan Survival um to record is protected by us And there simply isn’t a better power Cord available so it’s a 25 pound Fishing line that includes a single Transparent 25 pound test high strength Monofilament Fishing line that can be used when Critically needed food Is just yards away so the filament can Also be melted and used to patch holes Or used to bind tools together Also waterproof firestarter their Proprietary paraffin impregnated twisted Jute fiber strand is designed to quickly Start fires in an emergency so this is The best fire starting strand on the Market even in a downpour and a couple

Of sparks from your favorite survivor Steeler or ferro rod and you have An instant fire also this is a Multi-purpose utility wire their strand Is proprietary 30 80 awg Metallic alloy is strong con conductive And non-magnetic so perfect for small Animal snares ham radio antenna Campfire wraps and other Any other injured survival ideas that You can think Of and the only parkour you’ll ever need Trusted by outdoor aficionados and Military unit units worldwide Survival cord is designed to replace any And all partial cords in your backpack Vehicles or emergency kits It is stronger and more functional than The more than the normal mil-spec power Cord and seals just as easy when cut and Use invented patented and sold by a Service disabled u.s army Combat veteran So for those product specifications Again there are 20 If i’m not mistaken 20 or 18 colors of Dragon of the color Um so number for this one for example This is the dragon scale There you go And the length is 100 foot hank weight Is for 14 ounces diameter 4.5 to 5 Millimeters fishing line strength 25 Pounds utility wire metal brass utility

Wire gauge uh 30 awg utility wire Strength 8 pounds and the max 2 diameter Is 2 millimeters All right again for the titan Promise they are an american combat Veteran owned business and all authentic Types of survival products not only have A lifetime guarantee but a portion of All profits have gone to the wounded Warrior project since 2013. So and if you’re unhappy with our Products in any way they will completely Refine your purchase so just give it a Try and complete satisfaction Is guaranteed All right so if you have any more Questions you just click on this one and If you want to compare chords click on That one if you want to know more about Shipping Warranty and easy return exchanges now Based on 111 reviews 95 percent says It’s a five star review so let me just Go ahead and read some of those it says Here haven’t received anything Um Not good on this one uh let’s get this One A 100 satisfied order was shipped Quickly with the with the holidays um This product absolutely delivers as Promised and my favorite two strands are The fire starter along with the wire uh We’ll be ordering more

It says here special christmas requests From my grand grandson so cord still Unopened at this stage cheers it says Here amazingly convenient one of the top Three items i will be making sure goes Into every bag i assemble thanks again To the old gray for suggesting it And it says your paracord product seems To be well made service was good can’t Wait to try it out Uh be great if larger diameter rope with Some materials inside so yeah there you Go that is the original survivor cord Again this is 34.98 And again there’s A lot of colors and designs um for the Survivor cord again 4 8 12 16 Um 20 sorry 22 colors all right so they Have 22 colors and designs For the survivor cord All right so thank you so much for Watching and i’ll see you on the next Video

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