Helix Midnight Luxe (2022) Mattress REVIEW by GoodBed.com

GoodBed’s in-depth review of the Helix Nightfall Luxe memory foam hybrid mattress…

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Also see our written review of the Helix Midnight Luxe, which includes our GoodBed ratings and an assessment of who is best suited for this mattress, based on our performance testing: https://www.goodbed.com/reviews/helix-midnight-luxe-mattress-review/

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Time Chapter
0:00 Introduction
1:02 Back Support and Pressure Relief
3:28 Softness
4:26 Cushioning Depth
5:44 Memory Feel
7:02 Bounce
7:53 Motion Isolation
8:53 Temperature
11:45 Edge Support
12:43 Ease of Repositioning
13:22 Natural Materials and Certifications
14:41 Adjustable Base Compatibility
16:11 Delivery, Returns & Warranty
18:24 Materials and Construction
23:39 Price and Value
25:10 Summary

Note: We also have a review on the Helix Plus, designed for heavier people and couples: https://www.goodbed.com/reviews/helix-nightfall-mattress-review/

Trouble Sleeping? Then Take Inventory on What Thoughts Are Going Through Your Head!

If you’re a shift worker who has trouble sleeping then there could be a myriad of reasons why this is the case, but today I’d like to discuss something that one of my subscribers recommended. Now I don’t ordinarily ‘name names’ (so-to-speak), but I will tell you that ‘Eric’ replied to my ‘Healthy Shift Worker’ email tips, and shared with me what he does to help reduce his stress and get a good night’s sleep.

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Idiopathic Insomnia – How to Tell If You Have it and What You Must Do About it Now

Idiopathic insomnia refers to a lifelong insomnia which usually begins early in childhood and continues throughout the rest of adult life. Unlike other forms of insomnia, this condition does not result from stress, medical, and psychiatric disorders or other sleep related disorders.

Seven Simple Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep

Many people have issues sleeping through the night or falling asleep. Find out some changes that you can make that will help you sleep better at night.

10 Ways to Sleep Well at Night

The importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be ignored. It is essential for human beings to function normally. When we talk about a good night’s sleep, we are referring to the quality. Things like did you fall asleep within minutes of hitting the pillow, were you worrying about the tasks coming tomorrow, or worry about something you did today?

Telling Signs of Sleep Apnea in Children

Sleep apnea is a condition that spares no one, and children allegedly suffer a great deal more of it than adults. Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome is taken to be the cause of behavioural problems and lack of attention during the day among children.

Is There a Cure For Snoring, What Are The Causes of Snoring?

In times gone by and to some degree now, snoring is considered funny.  The snoring disrupts the sleep of others in the house and this is funny.  Women must sleep in a separate room from their husbands and this is funny.

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Why Some Children May Never Get the Sleep Disorder Solution They Need

There is a growing trend in the area of medical treatment for children with sleep disorders, and it could spell big trouble for the suffering kids if it isn’t reversed soon. Extra educational requirements are forcing doctors who would like to become pediatric sleep specialists to abandon the field for financial reasons. Unless this action is taken, suffering children won’t get the sleep disorder solution they need.

Most Recommended Stop Snoring Devices

Snoring can result to many sleepless nights for you and your partner. It is a problem that can be very frustrating to get over.

Products to Help Stop Snoring

If you’ve tried to put an end to snoring, then you already understand stop snoring products aren’t created equal. Knowledge of the type of snoring you have helps in choosing the product that works. It will also aid in sorting out the winners from the losers in the battle against snoring. Here’s a few of the items that can bring back peaceful sleep, depending upon your root snoring cause, of course.

Sleep Less For More Energy

Quality of sleep is more important than the quantity. Sleeping more can actually make you sleepier and more tired, but sleeping less can make you more alert and energized.

Different Remedies For Sleep Apnea

The initial step is to include plain steps to assist in the treatment of the disorder. If you slumber regularly using your back, you have to stop it now. Try to sleep on your side rather than using your back. This will help to avert the airways from being obstructed. If you experience allergies, try to get rid of all sources of allergens, including cigarette smoke, pet hair and dust.

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Choosing the Right Organic Mattress

To keep our body and mind healthy, we have to sleep well. Our sleep depends on the mattress that we are using. If we are not comfortable with our mattress, then we will not be having a good sleep. On the other hand, if we are comfortable with our mattress, then we will have a good sleep. To ensure a good sleep, we must use an organic mattress.

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