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We also have an in-depth review of the entry-level model in the series, the DreamCloud, with an assessment of who would be best suited for this mattress (and who would not be) based on our performance testing.

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Hi I'm Mike founder of goodbed.com today We're going to take you through the Dream Cloud collection of mattresses Which consists of three models all of Which have been recently updated we're Going to take you through to show you What features they have in common as Well as what changes as you step up Through the line stick around All right so let's Dive Right into some Of the things that all of these dream Cloud mattresses have in common and for Starters they're all the same Fundamental construction type which is Going to consist of a mix of Foams kind Of mostly premium Foams over a pocketed Coil support unit that support unit is Going to be the same across all three of These models and I want to start there Because that is one of the things that They've upgraded in this recent redesign It's a 768 coil count in a queen size And I think one of the most noteworthy Things about this coil unit is that They've they've used a thicker beefier Wire for those of you who want to walk Out on details it's a 13 and a half Gauge going across the majority of the Mattress with actually an 11 and a half Gauge wire going used around the Perimeter a smaller number actually is a Stronger beefier wire what I can tell You is first of all you notice the Difference this is a very supportive

Coil unit it's got a lot of firmness in That support layer 13 and a half gauge Is definitely a stronger wire than you Typically see used across a pocketed Coil support unit so that's the reason Why you why you have that and so for Those of you who are looking for that This will be a very nice upgrade uh Likewise that 11.5 gauge wire provides Some nice and noticeable Edge support Across all of these now that support Unit is a eight and a half inch coil You've got below that an inch of foam Which is just something for those coils To rest on all of that's going to be the Same in each of these dream Cloud models Above that you're going to have a mix of Foams you're going to have one thing That they're all going to have in common Is one inch of gel memory foam it's not Always going to be in the same place but Because they change that up just to kind Of give different feels to these models However all of them do have one inch of Gel memory foam in them they also all Share the same quilt package so it's About an inch or so of relatively firm Foam quilted into the cover and they all Share the same cover material too which Is a cashmere blend a fabric that's made Using cashmere aesthetically you're also Going to notice that all of these models Have a pretty similar look to them Consisting uh again of this this this uh

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Kind of off-white cover with the dark Navy blue side panels and the black Borders one thing I do want to point out That all all three of these models have Is these functional handles with the the Reinforced stitching that's going to Give them the ability to actually hold The weight of this mattress so that you Can use them with confidence if you're Lifting or moving your mattress All right now let's get into the details Of the entry level model in this Collection which you'll likely see Referred to as the dream Cloud classic Now if you're trying to uh map this to The previous generation of this Collection uh the closest ancestors to This would have been known as just the Dream Cloud now this is a 14 inch total Mattress so we've already described the Bottom nine and a half inches that all Three of these models have in common Consisting of that one inch of Base Support foam and the eight and a half Inch coil unit so really we're going to Focus here on the top uh four and a half Inches in this case the top one and a Half inches is the quilt layer you have An inch and a half of foam quilted into The cover below that you have that one Inch of gel memory foam and then below That you have a two inch transition Layer to kind of ease the transition From the softer Foams up on top for

Comfort and pressure relief and those Firmer coils that I described earlier in The video that are providing me Underlying support here the the foam Here used in the quilt is fairly firm I Mentioned earlier as well as the overall I'd say the overall experience on this Mattress is actually one that we would Characterize as a firm on our softness Spectrum a couple other things I would Note here in terms of the the field Characteristics uh slightly shallower Than average cushioning depth you get a Little bit more of that sleeping on your Mattress but it's it's pretty close to The middle I'd say like a blend of on Your mat sleeping on your mattress Versus sleeping in your mattress so you Do you do get a little bit of that Hugged or cradled sensation here and and Certainly a little bit of conformance as Well it does not even though there is an Inch of memory foam it doesn't have a Ton of that memory feel and in fact Because memory foam is such a common Material used in mattresses these days I'd actually say there's a little bit Below average amount of memory feel in This mattress uh and then as far as Bounce goes this is a mattress that does Have quite a bit of Bounce in fact I Would even say this of the three in this Collection probably has the most bounce That's probably because it has the the

The fewest of the smallest amount of Foam on top of the coils so the coils Are kind of in a sense closer to the Surface of the mattress uh and that's Obviously where the bounce is coming From and in terms of some of the other Features that we tend to look at this is For sure a model that has excellent Edge Support it's going to be very easy to Move around on it has very good motion Isolation properties and I should have Mentioned uh that like all of the models In this collection it is also adjustable Base compatible all right so now we've Moved up to the dream Cloud Premiere now This is the second mattress in the Collection you'll see it's a sort of a Faux Euro Top as opposed to the dream Cloud classic which was a tight top uh The biggest distinction here with this Model is that the memory foam uh now is Right up at the top you still have one Inch of that gel memory foam but now it Is in the quilt layer so you can you can Actually see the slow responsiveness Right here and you can feel it much more So obviously uh right up next to your Body so that's the biggest distinction It is still a 14 inch total profile so Again you're talking about four and a Half total inches above that coil unit The first inch of which is that gel Memory foam in the quilt then below that You have uh one inch of soft Comfort

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Foam right underneath that and then Below that you have a transition layer Which in this case is two and a half Inches uh that's kind of Bridging the Gap between the the softer Foams on top And the and the firm coils down below Now the net effect of all that in terms Of where it falls on our softness Spectrum we'd still classify this as a Firm on our softened Spectrum I would Say that in terms of the memory field There is a bit more memory feel whereas I characterize the classic as having Kind of below average amount of memory Feel just again recognizing that all not All mattresses but most mattresses have Some amount of memory foam in them today This one I would say is more like Typical or a sort of an average amount Of memory feel as mattresses go these Days and and that's because of the fact That not because it has more memory foam But because you've you're a little bit More aware of it given its placement in The mattress in terms of Bounce likewise I'd say the fact that the memory foam is A little bit more uh up front and up top In the mattress probably mutes the Bounciness a little bit of the mattress Certainly at the surface it does you'd Have less less of a service bounciness And overall I'd say the effect is that This mattress while still having quite a Bit of Bounce is not quite as bouncy as

The classic and then I would say in Terms of the the cushioning depth and The amount of kind of what the overall Hugged or cradled sensation is again This is going to fall pretty close to The middle of that Spectrum but if Anything it's a little bit more of Sleeping on your mattress relative Versus sleeping in your mattress and in Terms of the other characteristics that I mentioned with regards to the Classic This is again going to be a mattress That has excellent Edge support uh one That is very easy to reposition on in Spite of the fact that the memory foam Is right up at the top and it is going To also have excellent motion isolation Probably because of that memory foam Placement even a smidge better than you Get on the classic All right so now we've moved up to the Dream Cloud Premiere rest which is the Top of the line model within this Collection and this is uh as you can see Pretty clearly when you look at it a True pillow top it is a 16 inch mattress Which makes it two inches thicker than Either of the other two mattresses in This collection and so that means that There are six and a half inches of Material above those coil units that We're going to cover here uh the top one Inch just like with the premiere is uh One inch of gel memory foam quilted

Right into the cover of this mattress so You can feel it closest to your body Then below that you have two one inch Layers of various kind of comfort Foams Right below that and then below that you Have actually a thicker transition layer Than you found on either of the other Two it's actually a three and a half Inch transition layer between those Comfort Foams at the top and that those Those firmer coils down below now in Terms of the feel of this mattress we Would still characterize this as a firm On our soft Spectrum if anything maybe a Tiny smooth Edge firmer than the Premiere we would also add that like the Other mattresses in this collection You're going to get a little bit more of That floating on top of your mattress Sensation you will get a little hugged Or cradled uh but but again just a Smidge towards the the floating on your Mattress into that Spectrum I think I'd Say the amount of memory feel is very Similar to the premiere about average Amount of memory feel again because it's The memory foam is placed in the exact Same location in the mattress which is Right up at the top and then the amount Of Bounce I'd say probably slightly less Than either of the other two but still a Mattress that has a good deal of Bounce And certainly more than an average Amount in terms of the other

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Characteristics I would add that the Edge support on this one is not quite as Good as the other two really just on Account of all the Comfort Foams up on Top of this mattress but we still rate It as good and the motion isolation is Uh similar to the premiere which was Excellent and as as was the Repositioning which was also very easy On this mattress and I'll just add one Other thing as it relates to the Softness classifications that we've Assigned to these models which again We're all in The Firm bucket of our Softness spectrum because you what you Might see on the dream Cloud website is Uh the terms plush plusher and plushest As it relates to the three models in This collection As you move up through This line and so you might be confused By our assignments so I want to just Clarify that that our assessments really Just describe the fact that these are Mattresses that do have a fair amount of Kind of surface firmness to the material As well as there are mattresses that You're not going to sink too deeply into You're not going to get that super Hugged or cradled kind of sensation so I Think that's important for you to Understand if you're looking at these Mattresses before you order them so that You know what you should really expect When you get these mattresses

That being said I also want to add that If you're someone who is looking for a Mattress that does have that really firm Underlying support as well as that more Sleeping on your mattress sensation These do have a lot of comfort foam so It's not as though you're sleeping on a Rock it's just that the overall Experience is going to be one of a Firmer mattress so I just wanted to add That clarification in case it's helpful All right so there you have it we hope You found this to be a helpful overview Of the newly updated dream Cloud Collection of mattresses now we did not Talk about prices in this video and that Was intentional because those are Subject to change particularly in this Environment so I would recommend that You go to goodbed.com and search for Dream Cloud to make sure you're getting Not only the current prices but also the Best currently available discounts on These products you can also potentially Get there through clicking the links in The description of this video and while You're on goodbed.com I would also Highly recommend taking the good bed Mattress match quiz which is an Extremely unique quiz unlike anything Else you're going to find on the market This quiz will offer you a very in-depth Assessment of your personal needs Preferences and priorities which will

Help you determine whether the dream Cloud mattress is the right mattress for You in the meantime I thank you for Watching and we really hope you sleep Well [Music] Thank you