Casper Wave Mattress Review | Best Comfy Bed? (MUST WATCH)

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Casper Wave Mattress Review | Best Comfy Bed? (MUST WATCH). In this video JD, who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, discusses our review of the Casper Wave Hybrid mattress. This is a pocketed coil mattress made by the popular bed in a box brand, Casper. Casper also has other popular online beds like the Casper Original mattress, Casper Original Hybrid, Casper Nova Hybrid, and the Element Pro. As for the Casper Wave Hybrid, JD touches on the mattress policies offered with this bed which includes free shipping, a sleep trial, free returns and a warranty. He also covers the construction of the mattress, how it feels and its firmness, and what sleeper type would be best for this bed (back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers and combination sleepers). JD also discusses which body types (petite, medium and heavy) would enjoy this mattress. If you are interested in a mattress with cooling technology, JD briefly touches on the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress. Overall, the Casper Wave is a premium hybrid mattress that could be the best comfy hybrid bed and you may see it on our best mattress for 2023 list. Thanks for watching this Casper mattress reviews video. Hopefully, it helps you choose your next online mattress purchase!

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0:00 – Introduction
1:00 – General Mattress Policies
2:30 – Construction & Feel
3:53 – Firmness & Sleeper Types
4:45 – X-Factors: Zoned-Support Design
5:29 – Info For Couples
7:02 – Other Bed Options
7:38 – Mattress Pricing & Discounts
8:35 – Final Verdict: Casper Wave Mattress Review
8:52 – Conclusion

So if you've been checking out Casper's Website and you've come across the wave Hybrid over there and you want to know Some more information about it before You end up buying it you've clicked on The Right video because I'm going to try To do that in this video and tell you Everything that you need to know Starting with the policies that this bed Comes with then we'll talk about its Construction it's feel it's firmness Some elements for couples to consider It's pricing at the end we'll even sum Things up with a final verdict so you Can ultimately determine if it's going To be right for you or not hey guys I'm JD with the Slumber yard and over here We review online mattresses and betting Products in general so if you need any More information about a bed that you've Been checking out recently within the Online space check out our website my Slumber or hit the description Below this video for a lot more related Content and helpful links if you enjoyed This video hit the like button subscribe To this Lumberyard for so much more but Now let's review the Casper wave hybrid [Music] To find the right bed for you Save your money [Music] Okay so for starters policies what do You got to know in terms of shipping

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Returns trial periods and warranties With the wave hybrid from Casper and for The record I do want to clarify that we Did receive this mattress for free from Casper to review and tell you guys about It but for starters you should be Getting completely free bend a box Shipping with this bed this means that The mattress will arrive at your Doorstep inside of a box that's around Like four feet tall rolled tightly and Wound up in plastic packaging and all You got to do is just drag that box in Your home and unwrap your brand new Mattress and if you have a friend there It's really easy and kind of fun to do We've unboxed hundreds of mattresses Over here at the slumber yard and it Never gets old right d-pane never gets Old it's awesome when was the last time We unboxed the bed probably two days ago Two days ago something like that it's a Lot of fun you know you get a buddy you Get some brewskis you unbox your brand New bed hey look at that it's a lot of Fun you have a big big party slumber Party yeah once the beds are in your Possession you also get a trial period a Casper wave hybrid is backed by a 100 Night trial period so you get a little Over three full months to really test The bat out and see if it's gonna be Right for you or not button really give It a college try before you either want

To keep it or send it back and in the Case you want to send it back you can Get completely free returns within that Trial period time frame though Casper as A brand will probably ask you to really Try it out for 30 full nights to really Make your final decision it's a really Quality premium bed with a lot to offer The average sleeper so in the case you Do want to keep it it is backed by a Standard 10-year warranty which is the Usual standard for most online beds and We'll try to link more information Regarding all this policy stuff that I Just briefly went over down below in the Description box if you want to know more About it but now with all the policy Stuff out of the way let's really delve Into the way of hybrid and talk about The main elements that make up its Design so what exactly goes into the Construction of this bed and Frankly Speaking it's a lot so since this is a Hybrid mattress by default it starts off With a supportive layer of coils on the Bottom and they're actually encased in a Foam border to increase the bed's Overall Edge support and if you didn't Know already pocketed coils are Basically individually siled Springs That really contribute a lot to a bed's Motion isolation increased durability And support and they even give adds a Lot more airflow and bounce if that's

Something that you're into and in General we always recommend that if you Are in the range of 200 pounds and up You're probably going to want to look Into a hybrid bed as opposed to an All-foam one just to give you that Support Advantage at the end of the day Now above all those coils you've got one Of the bed's main Zone support Max Transition layers and we're going to Cover more on that in a bit here then You have a layer of memory foam that Also has some Zone support features and Then on top you've got a couple layers Of the bed's main Comfort Foams called Airscape rounding everything out you've Got a really breathable soft gray cover And this entire construction adds up to Give the Casper wave hybrid a super Accommodating soft neutral foam feel in My opinion this is probably one of the Comfiest hybrid beds that I've ever laid Down on over here at the slumber yard It Just strikes a really nice balance of Overall support that you get from those Coils on the bottom and pressure relief From all the Comfort Foams used above so It's just really nice and comfy I think Nine out of 10 sleepers are going to Find it to be really accommodating in Terms of firmness it's right around a Medium on our scale so it should be a Great option for all sleeper types as Well whether you like to sleep on your

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Back you're your side your stomach or a Combination of all three throughout the Night you should be pretty much good to Go on this thing but keep in mind that Furnaces an altogether subjective thing That usually depends on how much you Waste so heavier people like deep in the Paint train and myself we're bigger dogs And we sink into beds a lot more than an Average sized person so we are probably Going to perceive beds to be softer than They truly are while more petite or Smaller sized individuals are going to Lay more on top and find them to be a Little bit firmer a bunch of big dogs Over here at the slumber yard coal put Up that big dogs thing that Theron made For uh me and maybe one for a d pen as Well thanks we appreciate you cool great Editor shout out cool You go Cole do your thing with that call If you want I don't know just or just Throw it in throw it in the trash but For the average sized person we would Say that you're looking right around a Medium firmness with the Casper wave Hybrid now in terms of X factors there's One main one that sets it apart from The Fray of other online mattresses and That's the fact that it has a Zone Support design that Casper dubs Zone Support Max on the wave hybrid this Basically means that the middle of the Mattress is designed to be firmer while

The head and foot sections are a bit Softer and this is basically there to Help keep your back in a more neutral Spinal alignment while you rest at night The wave hybrid uses gel pods and all These little cutouts in the foam for Even more targeted support you might not Even notice as there when you first hop On the bed but it could help relieve Your back pain if that's something that You suffer from so keep that in mind Moving forward there's a lot of specific Bells and whistles that really go into This bed Zone support design and we'll Try to link more information about it Down below in the description if you're Interested in learning more about that Stuff but now it's time to go into some Elements for couples to consider if you Happen to be sharing this bed and the Main three that you really want to know About our Edge support motion isolation And temperature regulation in terms of Edge support which basically refers to How sturdy the perimeter of the mattress Is if you happen to sleep pretty close To those edges at night you don't want To slip off and fall and that should not Be happening at all on the wave hybrid It's got some great Edge support and Again those coils are encased in a foam Border to help out with all that motion Isolation refers to how well a bed Absorbs cross mattress movement if your

Partner gets up in the middle of the Night to go to work or use the bathroom You don't want their motion necessarily Jostling you awake and transferring Through the mattress you want it to Deaden a lot of that motion and we would Say it's great on the Casper wave hybrid Since it uses some memory foam and some Other additional Comfort foam layers Those layers really help to really Balance and deaden a lot of that motion Out so no real issues here either in Terms of temperature regulation all the Airscape Foams make this bed super Breathable and again there's a lot of Airflow in this bed but we wouldn't Necessarily classify it as an active Cooling option more so a temperature Neutral one at the end of the day a lot Of other factors go into temperature Regulation like the type of climate that You're in the types of sheets or pajamas That you're wearing at night so take Those factors into account a lot more Than the innate sleeping temperature of A mattress when you you know consider Temperature regulation but just know That the wave hybrid is available with a Cooling snow technology upgrade it's Going to cost you quite a chunk of Change to get that upgrade but it could Be worth considering if you're an Especially hot sleeper we recently tried That version of this bed out over here

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The Slumber yard and it was quite cool To the touch again a great option for Hot sleeper now you also have some other Great options from Casper as a brand They also offer the Nova hybrid which is A great option for side sleepers who are Maybe on the heavier side you also have Their Casper original which is one of The most popular and accommodating you Know all foam beds within the online Space pretty much started the whole bed In the Box craze and a hybrid version of That bed which is a little bit more Suitable for bigger body types and they Even came out recently with the element Pro which is a more budget-friendly Version of the original Casper mattress So if you want to save a little bit more Money but also go the Casper route check That one out we'll have all these beds That just briefly covered Down Below in The description box for you to you know Really peruse but now let's get into Pricing how much are you going to be Selling out for this particular bed and Since it is the most cream of the crop Premium option from Casper you're Naturally going to be paying the biggest Price point out of all the beds for this One as of when I'm recording this video The Casper wave hybrid retails for Around 2 900 just shy of that Mark for The queen size and usually Casper does Like to offer some pretty good

Promotions around major holidays and Times of the year that nature so check Down below in the description to see What's most current with pricing and Keep in mind that it does tend to Fluctuate year round so if this pricing Isn't exact as of when you're watching This video that's my bad but again check The description to see whatever's Current but that's pretty much going to Sum it up for this review at the end of The day the Casper wave Ooey that's a Nice bed I wish I was asleep and Unlapped up bed there but that's pretty Much going to sum it up for our review Of the Casper wave hybrid you know at The end of the day this is a really Premium bed super quality great for People who suffer from back pain Constantly makes our best lists in like The health department and stuff like That but who should really go with this Mattress and why here's our final Verdict I would say look into this Mattress if you want a supportive coil Bed with a soft neutral foam feel that's Right around a medium you like the sound Of that zone support Max design and you Don't mind spending up for a quality Premium mattress that's even available With a nice cooling upgrade but let us Know what you think what is your Impression of the Casper wave hybrid Write us down below in the comments we

Would love to hear from you again if you Need any more information about it more Than what I've discussed already in this Video check the description a lot more Written content helpful links down there For you and if you enjoyed this video You maybe got something out of it and we Helped you out towards your decision on This thing today give this video a Thumbs up show us some love subscribe to The Slumber yard for so much more but That's going to do it for this one again I'm JD with the Slumber yard that's deep In the Pain Train behind the camera sure YouTube That's a big one Sleep right sleep tight we'll see you Next time [Music]