Brooklyn Signature Mattress Review (ASL)

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Brooklyn Signature Review:

The Brooklyn Signature is available in soft, medium and firm. We tested the medium option and I have to say I was really impressed with the feel of this mattress.The Brooklyn Signature is wonderfully plush with a high-end, luxury feel. The top has a beautiful look with designed tufts, which is typically seen in higher end mattresses.

I was originally thinking it was going to be firmer but, while soft enough to accomodate even side sleepers, it does so without losing the support. We rated this mattress around a 6-7 on a firmness scale from 1-10, 10 being the firmest. The individually wrapped coils provide some nice bounce which makes for some relative ease when transitioning from one sleep position to another, this makes it a great choice for combo sleepers. That being said, we do think this mattress will work for all sleepers: back, side, stomach and combo. Heavier stomach sleepers, however, may wish to opt for the firm model. Strict side sleepers, on the other hand, should be pleased with the Brooklyn Signature! I am a petite-sized, side sleeper and most mattresses are too firm for me, however this was just right.

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